Photo by Jason Rodgers


ZANA BAYNE is a namesake artisanal luxury leather handbags and accessories brand based in NYC. Zana Bayne moved to NYC and made it her permanent residence in 2009 where she began developing her leather accessories and harnesses after graduating with a BFA in Conceptual Art from San Francisco Art Institute and having lived in Berlin for some time. What initially began as a project requiring Bayne to single-handedly create leather works out of her apartment has quickly grown into a brand which is produced by a small team in Manhattan’s “Garment District”. Throughout the company’s growth, Zana Bayne has remained a fiercely independent female designer.

Zana Bayne‘s designs employ striking graphic lines and shapes with a focus on quality craftsmanship bringing a sense of refinement to any wardrobe and accentuating the personal style of the individual wearer. The Originals Collection featuring a range of harnesses was first introduced in 2010 with its unique high-end take on S&M-inspired aesthetics. The brand has since expanded into seasonal collections of elegant leather works comprised of skirts, bustiers, bras, shoes, hats, and belts along with a Men’s collection and a full line of handbags.

ZANA BAYNE has collaborated with luxury brands including Comme des Garcons, Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung. Her leather works have been worn by celebrities and icons of art and culture including Madonna, Marina Abramovic, Rei Kawakubo, Debbie Harry, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and more.

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